Judy Rogers

Christchurch, New Zealand

Thanks so much to everyone who came to this recent exhibition, especially to the show and tell. I had lots of positive comments. People, including those working at the XCHC, seemed to love the warmth and vibrancy of the display and the way it created a stimulating and beautiful environment. Much of the work I showed is in the Gallery pages of this website. Please contact me if you’re interested in a closer view of any of it:

 Do They Marry?
Judy Rogers
sewing & painting canvas 2000-2016

In 2000, Judy started experimenting with cutting, folding and sewing canvas, then painting it. She has continued developing this art form up to the present day, painting in oils or acrylics.
One of the challenges is getting the shapes she forms with the canvas and the shapes, colours and textures she makes with the paint go together – or marry.
She expresses ideas about life, family and her surroundings and aims to create a beautiful environment for the viewer.

Do they marry bannerYou are warmly invited to view the Judy Rogers exhibition at
XCHC, 376,Wilsons Rd North (off Moorhouse Ave/Ferry Rd), Christchurch
from 6th to 17th March 2017 open 7.30am to 3pm Mondays to Fridays.
There will also be a launch on Friday 10th March from 5pm:
Cafe & bar open from 5pm, Judy will do a show & tell at 5.30,
plus you’re welcome to another XCHC performance later in the evening.

The exhibition will present my development of cutting/forming/sewing/glueing canvas before painting it. I’ve been doing this much of the time since the year 2000 and will continue into the future. The title refers to the challenge of getting the canvas shapes and forms to go with – to marry – the painted shapes, colours, textures. It is also the title of one of the paintings. The subjects and inspirations for the paintings are family, life, my surroundings and creating a beautiful and uplifting environment for you, the viewer.


Have a look at the other pages on this site and ask me about painting something – or someone – specially for you. Or contact me about buying something from the site.
Visits to see the work in person can be arranged – no obligation.